this guys talking about how its ganna go down, how there ganna use climate change as a means to gain power in the next UN meeting in copanhagen

OMG, is it really ganna happen.

do you guys bealive in this crap, if you do what do you think about the NEW WORLD ORDER, hahahhahaha, and what are you ganna do to fight against them.

Im ganna go to australia, nothing ever seems to happen there, they never got problems.
Oh God, not again!

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Any small group of humans are barely capable of organising a piss up in a brewery, let alone orchestrating all the world's economic and political events.
The government doesn't need wild conspiracies to control the world. They're actually very open about controlling people.

Laws, surveillance cameras, mass media, etc. The government is extremely open about controlling every facet of your life.

I'd usually take this opportunity to advertise the NWO blogpost in my blog (which is amazing), but this thread has been done way too many times.
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WTF is this 'ganna'?
I mean, i know I'm not hip with the young crowd, but this is just nonsense. Or even nonce sense.

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