So I want a new amp. My question is can I get a gig worthy amp for 5-600 dollars?
right now i Have an ibanez rg3. I'd rather buy new. i play metal to kinda alternative type rock. i have a 1 grand budget but want to get a new guitar around 400 so it leaves me 5-6 for a good amp.
If i knew I was getting really good amp I might be able to step up with about 800 for the amp.
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I was thinkin bugera. how are they?

I heard bad things on the net but in the store i have been blown away at the sound, awesome. i am gonna pick up a 333xl soon. The 6262 was awesome too but i think the 333xl suits my ear alittle better.

I want them both. I paid 1300 for my dsl50 4 years ago and it shit the bed on me twice.
yeah my friend has the 6262 and he says he loves but but he reccomends I get the 333xl. I think thats probably what I"ll end up doing. Thanks!