I have a line 6 floor pod plus, I love my amps distortion, Im trying to figure out a way to use the fpp as an effects unit without using amp modeling.
I can use it in stomp box mode in the effects loop and use it for delay, chorus, compression and noise gate, but it seems to add alot of hiss.

I also use a 7 band eq and a bad monkey before the amp.
does anyone else use a setup simular to this? or would you opt for individual pedals?
All I really need is a delay, chorus and maybe a gate..although having that compressor is nice.
well i messed with it for hours last night..it works, i just dont like the way it sounds with my amp..

its up for sell. or trade for delay, chorus and another effect..

Im ready to get back to practicing, not chasing tone all damn night long :P