This is more of poetry then it is song. I suppose it could be put to music. And this is kind of weird something that just sort of came to me, I normally write blues about the topics commonly addressed in blues lyrics and then this just came out....

Lady In Black

A tall, older women walks into a large room
Lady in black makes her presence known all the youth around her
A fake, falsely inviting smile is shown across her face
And she laughs with laughs only brought by the misfortune of others

She is a figure associated with the loss of hope among youth
Hair down, with such posture she appears to be caring and kind
This is all an act, she is hiding her true being
And it is her true being that will result in the tears of young men and women

As the hours progress she begins to fill our minds with thoughts of hope
Soon to be taken away and fixed of thoughts of anger and fear
We cry together, reduced to that of an earlier age
And she laughs with devil like ferocity

Some stand amazed, still perplexed that they led themselves to believe
She survives thriving off the fear of the congregation
We have mastered living with out the lady, come join us
In our civilization, hope and joy are still things of possibility
Step through the gate.
Freedom isn't free...

It costs like ten dollars a gram