i would like all your combined worldly knowledge of pickups.

i was thinking of buying a Seymour Duncan Distortion SH-6b to get some heavy tones out of my guitar as mine are still stranded. i also want a sort of classic rock sound to play, e.g. Velvet revolver, and was thinking of putting a Seymour Duncan Alnico pro II in the neck. Do you think this combo would work well together ?

Thank you.
if you're trying to get slash's tone just put a set of seymour duncan alnico pro II in the bridge and neck of a les paul and you're done
What kind of amp?
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Duncan Distortion rocks. Lots of headroom. Heavy ass distortion. Does all kinds of rock well. In the neck, you should get something higher output than an alnico II to match the bridge. Like a 59 maybe. I have a dimarzio super distortion in the neck and it works really nicely.
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What guitar AND what kind of amp.

the Alnico Pro II is a very picky pickup. If your gear or technique sounds bad, the Alnico Pro II will just make your tone sound bad.
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Two things. Get Irongear pups. The money you save will go towards that better amp.
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