Hello, I am new here but i am not new to the site.

I have a small problem on my hands...

Recently on craigslist, I have found 2 schecter guitars in the same price range, both brand new with hard cases.

One model is a Schecter C1 XXX.

The other model is a Schecter Gryphon. Instead of the duncan designed pickups, they were replaced with EMGs (81 / 85)

Both guitars are stunning and i would like to know if i should go with the XXX with the original pickups or the Gryphon with the EMGs. ( i have read the reviews on the site and both guitars have the same overall ratings.)

Someone please help me on these two deals. (haha i wish i can buy both but i dont have the money)

EMG's are better than the duncan designed pickups

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Go with the gryphon if it's upgraded and in the same price range


I would go with the Gryphon/EMG combo instead of the XXX/Duncan Designed.

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haha wow, Thanks for the guidance everyone. It really helps. Keep it going if you all want.
i like the gryphon. thats one awesome looking guitar! and the upgrade to EMG's is a big step over "duncan designed" i think
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Even though I'm not a big fan of EMG's, they're still INFINITELY better than "designed" pickups, atleast in my experience.

Duncans aren't nearly as bad as the DiMarzio designed though.
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