I am selling these two discontinued guitars to help raise funds for a PRS CE24.

The first up is a strat-ish Dean called the Avalanche MQ. The guitar has a gorgeous quilted maple top with a pearloid pickguard. The stock pickups are surprisingly well sounding. There are a few bumps and cuts, but like everything else Dean makes, it is built to withstand abuse. The guitar features a 25.5 inch scale, maple neck with real abalone dot inlays, and alder body. The trem arm is included and there are Grover tuners to help keep it in tune. This one goes for $230, and ill split shipping with the buyer. Comes with a soft case. PM me!


Next up is a rather rare guitar- the Schecter C-1 E/A. E/A stands for Acoustic-electric. This guitar is a semi-hollow version of the C-1, with a mahogany body and a quilted maple top. The neck is mahogany, with a rosewood board and split trapezoidal inlays. 25.5 inch scale as well on this one. The guitar also features a Piezo system, which enables the guitar to produce acoustic-like tones. The switch will allow you to select all piezo, half piezo and half pickups, and all pickups. This piezo runs of a 9-volt battery, which is easy to access through the special access door on the back of the guitar. There are sooooo many tones available from this guitar. I replaced the stock neck pickup with a gold GFS Crunchy Pat, as well as the old cream plastic parts to black. The controls are a volume and tone for the pickups, and a volume and tone for the piezo system. Grover tuners keep this one in tune, and it is set up for 10s with a freshly oiled fingerboard. I can include the old cream parts if you'd like. $500 shipped for this one excellently packed or $550 with hard-shell case! PM me!

here it is with some sunlight but no editing.

PM me if you are interested!