Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster here.

To get to the point, I am after my first tube amp. I am currently playing a ESP LTD-M1000 (dual EMG-81's) on a Marshall MG30. The guitar sounds great when I play it on the bigger valve state amps at school, but it lacks essence on my home amp (the MG).

You guys seem to dislike MG's for the same reasons, and I would like to change my home amp to something that can help my tone reach it's full potential.

To be more specific, I am after an amp that I can play in my bedroom (I currently play the MG with the volume set to 4, so I need something that can sound good at that level of volume). I am also after a tone similar to what a 5150/6505 can put out. I play most genres, but I focus on metal, more specfically In Flames and Gothenburg type metal, so the distortion the amp puts out is first priority. I also have a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, so I can hook that up with the amp if it compliments it well, otherwise if the standalone distorion is fine I won't use it. Let's just pretend I don't have a budget as well (but don't go over the top).

Thanks guys.
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Seriously, 6505 combo is around $1000, I don't know if that's fine or over the top for you. The lead channel will have you throwing away your MT-2, and you can play it at bedroom volumes (it will sound good at low volumes, but GREAT cranked). Look into it, just an option.


If you like the way it sounds through a valve state then get a valve state.
i've heard that the new mg sounds pretty damn good...but it's not tube
a 6505+ 112 combo is coming out soon and it's rumored to be only about 600 bucks.
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