I wrote this tonight in english class as sorta a joke as to what it would be like if all drugs were legal.

I wrote it in about 10 minutes so its obviously just a little funny piece.

All drugs are legal now, didnt you know?
Obama passed the bill about an hour ago
Now our minds have all day to be free
We'll smoke weed until our teeh turn green
Snort coke till our nose starts to bleed
Put so much smack in our veins
that even Al Gore doesnt seam lame
We can smoke PCP
and be just like Rodney King
Smoke enough crack rocks
to knock our socks off
Drop enough acid that in our minds
we meet Lucy in the sky with her beautiful diamonds
We'll take loads and loads of ecstasy
so much that i woke up with Rosie O"Donnel next to me
Ohh doesnt this world seam so nice?
It would just be the perfect life
What a perfect place earth would be
everyone walking around without a frown
that is ofcourse.........until the comedown.
trying to piece his 2 and 2 together