Technical Death metal gp5 track that I made a couple months ago. Just dug it back up and wanted to share it, and I'm interested to see what people's thoughts on it are.

Mostly inspired by Beneath the Massacre, Psycroptic, Necrophagist and the like. One riff I think I stole from the FF7 battle theme

Anyways, I'll C4C, and hurr it is:

EDIT: Added GP4
Theme for the Flying Guillotine.gp5
Theme for the Flying Guillotine.gp4
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Pretty awesome, although the end is kinda odd, feels like it's unfinished. I can definitely sense influences from Necrophagist and Beneath the Massacre.
A few criticisms though:

For the first triplets riff, why is the first guitar doing triplets and the other just the simple chord? It makes it sound unbalanced to me.

All these riffs are really cool, but the song is always changing, I'd like it better if the structure was more ... structured, with a chorus and different verse riffs.

Some drum parts were quite awesome too.

So yeah, you've proved you could come up with solid stuff. Can you actually play it?
It's solid, if stoic tech death.

Not amazing, not bad. Average and rock solid. 8/10.

Oh and Barr 55 = Most awesoem thing ever. Keep it, or I will.
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The song was pieced together from a bunch of random death metal riffs I had thought of over the course of many days, which is why it sounds kind of inconsistant. And for the triplet riff thing, that was just a stupid idea

Anyways, thanks for the feedback guys, and glad you liked my FF7 riff slay
Very solid riffs. With a bit more structure, could be a great song (or split up with parts used in different songs). Basically, Slaytanic was spot on.
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That is DEFINITELY a faster version of the FF7 battle theme.

At first I thought, "This isn't toooo close..."

Then I realized that even that 10-9-8-6 was from it, the descending lead thing... It might be too similar.

That being said, it was pretty good, but nothing outstanding, like Slay said. The intro riff and other faster riffs were cool, but the triplet thing was meh.
GP4 thx.

Edit: Ok you rock! It was awesome, however some riffs shouldn't be that random ! Great work anyway, keep it technical!
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Thanks for the crit, sorry it took me a few days to get back to you.

Starts out awesome, very intense.

Maybe its just GP doing this, but I don't like the second guitar during the chugging at bar 17. Perhaps it would sound better with real instruments, I don't know.

Bar 28 was awesome; reminded me of IWABO a bit.

I think the chugging lasts a bit too long. I know you're changing up the 4th bar every time, but maybe try changing the rhythm a bit too.

Bar 71 was sweet.

Solo was alright, not quite up to par with the rest of the song, in my opinion.

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