Help me out here. For those of you who own one of these or have demoed these guitars, which one would be better for getting closer to the Motley Crue sound of the 80s. Any thougths and suggestions would be appreciated.
ok. i honestly haven't played either guitar. I tought you probably had a sh*t amp. Sorry for my lack of help, but here's a bump to help you get your question answered

i prefer the so-cal for the dimarzios and the awesome pickguard. the san dimas has duncans, so i think it really comes down to which pickups you prefer. i'd try to play both and see which you like more. and honestly i think it's a win win with those guitars.
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Thanks. I agree on the So Cal but I came across a San Dimas online (all white with zebra pickups wholly cow what a great looking guitar!) and it just got me thinking. I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to demo both or not. But I believe you are right, you really cannot go wrong with either one.
The San Dimas seems better. Mick Mars personally uses Duncans I believe.

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the duncans (the JB, anyway) probably have more of what i'd consider to be the stereotypical 80s hair metal sound, to my ears, anyway. But i don't really play much motley crue, and haven't really studied mars' tone much (no idea why, i like motley crue ). Either way, though, it's not going to be the end of the world as you can always swap the pickups later. the dimarzio-loaded one is routed for a middle single coil, too, I think, so that'd give you more options regarding pickup layouts down the line, too, assuming you can get a pickguard to fit (or just get one custom-made, if you're really stuck).
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