Hey guys, I use an Epiphone G-400 '66 reissue (love the thing). The guitar is currently set up with the stock Grover tuners, and it really does not stay in tune that well. (I can play for about an hour until I need to retune) but it really does not hold well compared to my friend's MIA Tele or The Hagstrom 3. So I was browsing my local craigslist and I found some Kluson Tuners off of a 1997 ES-335 for $30 for the whole set. I want to know if this is a good deal (I know the price is good) but I need to know if it is worth the upgrade, and if these are reliable tuners or will they be just a small upgrade from the grovers. Thanks.
On o sidenote, the same guy has the post from the ES-335 for sale too for $30. Should I pick those up? What difference if any will they make, and are they worth $30? Thanks.
Most tuning instability comes from bad stringing technique or nut problems. Grovers are pretty solid tuners. I would check to see if your installing strings properly and put some graphite in the nut to lube it (pencil). New tuners may not be the solution.
Kluspns are notoriously bad for staying in tune. Sort out the Grovers and your stringing method. I'd bet the guy with the 335 put Grovers or similar on because he was tired of the Klusons.
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