I've got a cheap beginner's electric setup and two acoustics I really like - one's a smaller steel string cutaway, the other a full size steel string from my dad's uni days.

I much prefer playing acoustic to electric. I also like recording and have a fairly cheap laptop which i run a tascam us-122l out of, and a tascam ld 74 mic that runs into that interface.

I was going to go buy a new guitar, it's been awhile and i just wanted one, looking to spend around $600 bucks. But, it then occured to me that maybe there's something else I should spend the money on, and I decided to come check with the forum here.

Any suggestions? I am thinking accessories, a good electric set up, new recording gear, hell - lessons, anything really. If you care to see where I am at in my level of playing I've got a few pretty raw songs up at myspace.com/sneakyjames. Pretty basic stuff.

A new guitar is always awesome. But you seem to have everything pretty much set. Maybe better recording gear ? If you don't play the eletric much there's no point in that. Better recording gear would probably be the most logic thing ... but I'd still get a new guitar !
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Recording gear was what I was thinking. I may splurge and get it all. Am I best just to talk to a guy at the store about my recording set up? Does a high quality mic come before a high quality interface?