I'm looking for a new guitar for playing metal.
Preferably with an Original Floyd Rose.
22 or 24 frets, it doesn't matter.
Ebony fretboard is preferred with no fret markers would be perfect.
I prefer passive pickups, but actives are fine.
No V shaped guitars.

Anything like this on the market?
I found that Rondo Guitars sells a lot of guitars close to what I'm looking for.
But no match.
Are there any other online stores like Rondo?
Have any suggestions?
I can up my budget if there's a guitar with everything I'm looking for.
esp MH-1000? more around 800-900 tho

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schecter probably makes what you're looking for. I don't play metal anymore but their guitars are still awesome.
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For your budget, minus almost everything else except good for metal, I suggest the all around great Schecter C-1 +. I can say, it can do what you want it to, as long as you know what to tell it.

But really, you need to try that guitar, it's pretty sweet.
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how do you feel about rosewood fretboards?
cause ebony fretboards are hard to find.....

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Maybe? Its the guitar I use, its amazing, great for metal, great neck , great for shredding. So yeah.
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i just bought this today, so it probably won't come until friday, but its currently $400 off the list price. So unfortunately i can't give you my impressions of it.

If you can deal with the fact that its a korean guitar (which doesn't mean much anyway) then its got everything you're looking for. OFR, EMG's, 24 fret ebony without inlays.

plus it comes with a hard case. Usually the thing is $900, but i guess its on clearance now ^_^b
I would look into this:
It's on sale and it's a killer deal. The guitar costs $850 and the case is $130 individual. So you're getting it for about half-price with extras.

Also check out the LTD Deluxes on Samash. They're having a sale and the Deluxes are around $600.
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