I submitted a tab for Toxicity by System of a down about 2 moths or so ago and it was perfect besides being on the wrong strings, it has'nt been posted up yet. Dose this kinda thing really take this long? or is it being ignored? I worked all day on it and i really wanna see it up there so people can find all the right parts to the song on one page instead of jumping around tabs trying find bits of the tab to be able complete and play the whole song all the way through correctly, there is parts in Toxicity that i did'nt see in any of the tabs already posted, but nobody that has tabbed the song already is hearing it i guess...
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probably because it wasn't good. or there were already perfect tabs out there. your tab has to be perfect, or original. if its original, a couple mistakes are usually ok.

There are already prefect Toxicity tabs on this site
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