Hi, I have a Damage Control Solid Metal Pedal, it uses 2 12Ax7's.

The problem is that I am having a massive loss of gain , I already changed the tubes and bought a new power supply to use it in my country where the voltage is 220v instead of 110v.

The strange thing is that both, the original(110v) and the newer power supply are giving me between 5 and 7 volts but never 9.

This small loss of voltage can be causing such massive loss of gain?
I am discarding all other possible problems like guitar, cables and amp.

I think having a lower voltage might lower your headroom, so your signal breaks up and saturates earlier.
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The 110 I can understand giving you that voltage, but the 220 should give you 9+ volts. How many milliamps is it rated for? The only thing I can think of is that your new power supply can't handle the higher current requirement of a tube pedal.
I do believe the voltage issue is causing your problem.
I had a Power supply that came with the pedal , and It was for 110v.
Then I bought a a new Power Supply from the pedal's webpage and I had the same problem with it.

I measured the output voltage in both of them, using a 110v-220v step down converter for the 110v supply.
In both of them the voltage varied between 5 and 7 volts and the specs in both of them are 9V 2000mA.
So, anybody knows what can I do?, can I rewire the supply to fix it to give me 9 or 10 volts?