I've been looking for a new tube amp. While looking at reviews online, I've read multiple stories of people snagging $600+ amps for $250 in great condition.

Anyone have a story like this? even craigslist, or ebay.

I'm def. going to go pawn shop hopping sometime this week.
Got a Charvel 750XL for $100. I believe they go for around $1000+ on ebay in Mint condition. It had a couple of minor scratches but it was very nice. Turned around andsold it for $500.
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good idea, i used to live by a pawn shop that had a tiny terror in it for around 400$
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You can get a Peavey XXX, Classic series, Ultra or VTM from eBay for $400 or less any day of the week.
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There is a used mint condition Classic 30 at my local pawn shop for $275. If I didn't already have one, I would buy it.
Found a steal on craigslist a few months back.

Line 6 - HD147: retail $1250
FBV Shortboard: retail $200

Got them both for $350
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I traded multiple guitars and doubled my guitar's resale value by doing so.
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I bought a 5150 head for 280 out the door. I snaged a 1980's Ibanez DD10 Delay II for 30 bucks, and a Zildgian A Custom Crash for 50 bucks.

You have to be in a Pawn that dosent deal in Music Gear often to get a good deal most of the time, and get lucky, haggle, and know what "Hagglin" really is.

My suggestion is get out there once a week. Walk around, and dont ever, ever, ever offer sticker. But be reasonable. Now I pulled a steal with my amp, but that was a special circumstance. You may find that circumstance yourself, if you wait for it.
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pawn shops aren't so great these days. the sad reality is that they know more; they all have ebay, so they just find out how much things go for on there then add a little extra.

if you want to get deals, you basically need to buy from the ignorant. this works in a few ways.

sometimes, pawn shops are stupid. you might get lucky.

sometimes, craigslist posting are stupid. they might undercharge, or they might have very vague, unclear listings. follow those unclear listings up, and you might get lucky.

sometimes, on ebay, people list items terribly. for example, someone will list 'guitar pedals' and the listing will contain a few guitar pedals. inevitably though, few people find it, because if you want those pedals, you tend to search for them specifically. as a result, you can get much lower prices.

of course, the common factor in all of these things is that you have to be open to picking up what is cheap, not just what you're looking for.
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Back in the day I picked up a MIM strat for 100 and some change in mint condition.
Craigslist has been the source of almost every insane guitar deal i've ever gotten. When the Schecter C1 Elite first came out, GC had em priced at $600 without a case. I got a brand new one with a hardshell on craigslist for $220. I later got a Jackson USA Dinky (Shattered Glass finish), near mint with a hardshell for $400 (sells for about $1400 used). And countless other deals along the way. It's always worth it to take 10 minutes to scan your local craigslist daily. You never know what'll pop up.
Epiphone elite for 250$
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