I need to do a truss rod adjustment on my samick mb-1 the low e touches the 7th and 9th fret when checking neck relief. if someone could instruct me on which way to turn the truss rod for proper relief i would appreciate it tremendously and maybe a list of do's and don'ts thanks in advance for everyones help!
wow man thank you for the advice that helps a lot. I missed the part of what im suppose to do though? seriously you probably don't even know how to do this yourself just a way to make you look like a know it all. spare your poor self esteem for a counselor and not my thread.

but on a serious note i probably wouldn't post if i wasn't being serious and on top of that the setup guide says to post before just grabbing an allen wrench and goin to town. i would like to avoid screwing up my neck. so please don't reply to this thread if you cant help.
You're going to want to loosen it (left, counterclockwise). Make sure you only do about a quarter turn so you don't stress the wood too hard. Do a quarter, play for a bit (if it's playable) and do the relief check again. Some people say leave it over night every quarter turn to be safe. I've left it just around a couple hours, but I wasn't doing a severe change. Good luck!