My rhythm guitarist just got a new Marshall MG100DFX and I am completely outgunned with my 1973 United bass amp.

I've been looking at these two amps for a while now, but can't seem to make up my mind on what to get.

The Peavey is louder and has a lot of settings for the distortion and clean channels, while the Vox has many amps to choose from and plenty of effects.

I play a 2009 3 tone 'burst Highway One Strat and a 1973 Japanese lawsuit Les Paul.

I am mainly a blues/classic rock player (Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, etc.) but when the time calls I have to turn hard rock for the band.

Jimmy Page and Rory Gallagher are HUGE influences on me so any suggestions for which amp that would be better for getting their tones would be great.

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My rhythm guitarist just got a new Marshall MG100DFX and I am completely outgunned with my 1973 United bass amp.

not by much lol...

I've never played the Peavey, but I do have the Vox AD50VT (the regular one) and it's great. It would definitely pull off exactly what you want to play, however the XL is much more suited for high gain (I think it has more high-gain distortion models than cleans).

I'd recommend finding a Vox AD100 head and a cab of your choice, which might be a little more expensive but worth it.

And also, the MG100 is not that much louder than the Vox at all. In fact, for the MG to be twice as loud as the vox, the MG would probably have to be around 500 watts.
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What are you outgunned by? The crushing overdrive of the MG?

I'd recommend the Vox AD50VT.

I think it'll be sufficient for your needs.
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I have a lawsuit Destroyer, and a 1st generation Bandit 112. Sounds alright, well suited to punk and hardcore, and any clean sounds, especially with a chorus. The Vox will be much more versatile, but if you find your tone in the bandit, it might outdue the vox modelling.

Really, try both out and decide for yourself. Oh, and have you ever thought about a Peavey Classic 30? That may suit you very well, they can be found used for maybe a little less than the Bandit new.
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