So i have a problem making a decision between more school related stuff or extracurricular.. how important is extracurricular?

It might be too late for me, but I'm thinking of dropping AP Euro (sophomore). It takes up waaaay too much time, like more than all my other classes combined.. So tomorrow i'm gonna ask my counselor if I could switch to a regular history class, world history, and if i can't, i'm just gonna drop it.
Since this will open up a lot of my free time, i plan on doing a lot more community service ( i dont do any right now) and i'll actually have time to practice guitar, and might be able to get in jazz band next year.

So i wanna know from knowledgeable people.. is this a good idea? sacrificing schoolwork for more extracurricular stuff.. (although i might not get in jazz, i'll still have tons of community service hours)

Another side question.. does having as many ap classes you can important? I mean like difference having taken 6 instead of 7 throughout highschool.

thanks for all your help in advance!
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extracurriculars always look good on applications, so if you are doing fine in school, i think you can safely drop the bad class and replace it with some ECs.
Do both, they want you to always challenge yourself.
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I wouldn't drop Euro. I went through the same thing, bro. It sucked ass, but I think its worth it in the end (though im more of a school-oriented person). Idk, sophomore was my worst year for homework, so I can understand what you mean, but I don't recommend it. If you're planning on a career that's very academically geared, then no. If it isn't that competitive of a job, then might as well take a load off. It's completely up to you, but I strongly suggest keeping it.
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If college is your way, they weigh you HEAVILY on extracurricular.
But they have logic, so don't spam extracurriculats on yourself, you'll look fake.

source? I went to a seminar with reps from Duke, penn, georgetown, harvard and stanford.
I know how you feel, AP US History is being an ass to me but I can't drop it, they wont let me switch to Honors and I already took AP World last year. I say go for it, honestly extra c's look great and would more than make up for it especially if you take some AP's during junior year but don't overdo it. I'm in my junior year and it seriously sucks ballocks especially when you're taking 3 AP's.
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