I started guitar later in my life, 25, and am now 29. I don't think i have progressed that much, but i have a ton of gear and enjoy playing different riffs and have a couple songs down with solos. Nothing to complicated though -

A lot of you probably started jamming with friends ect...when you were growing up...i missed this oppurtunity and now feel a little awkward browsing craigslist to search for ppl to play with -

I think it takes a different level of comfort to play with strangers and not know what they expect.

That said, what should be my goals before I look to join a band or go "jam" with someone. I certainly don't feel like i have the chops to go solo while someone plays rhythm....

I know the minor pentatonic scale pretty well, but can't solo over it incredibly well. And don't quite know how to create a rhythm track for x scale.

Anyway...i feel i know a little but not a lot. My guitar skills are slowly growing...but i feel like if i could be around other musicians or get in band with regular practice or have ppl depend on me to be able to play my part, then my guitar skills would grow tremendously....

At what point should you start looking for a band or someone to jam with -

Don't want to sound lame, but it is a lot to play in front of ppl you dont know when you don't have the confidence -

any advice apprecitated.

A band's more likely to be successful if it's with strangers than friends. When you start a band with friends it's all "oh, I don't care if you screw up, you're still my best bud and we're gonna jam"

With strangers, you NEED the chemistry between musicians. You get more comfortable as you have more band experience, so hit up the local craigslists ASAP.
you've been playing 4 years? and while I can see you're humble, would you at least admit you're decent? I say go for it. it always helps to be around people that are better at you in whatever you are doing, it gives you someone to learn from and give you advice, etc. and people are generally happy to talk about things they are good at.

really, having someone to jam with will really help your growth as a guitarist, a band would be even more helpful because you'll get used to playing with a drummer keeping time (if you've never played with a drummer before it's surprising how much they control the rhythm. when the drummer messes up it makes everyone want to mess up, which is something to get used to.
All of the bands I have been in have been with strangers. None of my friends play instruments

If you're feeling nervous, why don't you get some lessons and ask just to jam with the teacher, and he can give you pointers in an environment where you won't be judged.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I don't think its ever too early - provided you don't pretend to be something you're not. I've jammed with my nephew, who just started playing this month. Ok it sounded pretty awful, but we had fun.

I started playing at 34, got fed up with just playing by myself after about 9 months and started looking for people to jam with. I met up with 2 guys - a bass player and another guitarist - who are about the same level as me, and we jam every couple of weeks. Would be more often but work gets in the way. Its great fun, we all learn loads, and we're just starting to write our own stuff. And it doesn't matter if we suck, because we made sure we all knew where we were at and what we wanted to get out of jamming together from the start, so we all know the score.

If you never played with people before I wouldn't go out looking for a band - I'd just go looking for people to jam with. Be honest about how good you think you are and take it from there. If you meet up with someone and it doesn't work out, its not a problem - you just go your own ways again and find someone else
jamming with someone for an hour is like 5 hours of single, alone in your room practice

you build alot of skills so go out there and fine people to jam!

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