Hello, For my last term performance piece at school im playing your shirt would look better with a columbian neck tie on lead guitar, now, usually i just use the amps at school, but thy cant get loud enough, i had to play a roland cube 30x on full lol nd it sounded terrible lol.

anyway, my question, is it possible to run a peavey 6505 head through a P.A system? if so how do you go about doing this?
Okay, you can run through the PA if you mic the cab. One note: DO NOT run and amp head without the cab attached, you can do some serious damage that way.
If the amp has a line out you can run it to a PA but you would still need to connect a cab or a dummy load - failure to do so can, and very well will, lead to serious damage to the head such as a fried output transformer.
You have a 6505 but not a cab?!?
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Why dont you just mic it? an amp will sound best when it's actually being run through GUITAR CAB SPEAKERS first. going straight into the system will make you sound "buzzy"
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You have a 6505 but not a cab?!?

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No, no and no. You can either:

1) Set up your amp as usual, and place a mic in front of it going into the PA

2) Use an amp modeller or an amp's 'line out' to send a signal straight to the PA. The speaker-emulated output on the Cube 30 is great for this.
no, as i stated, i want to take my amp to school, which would involve carrying my cab which i dont want to do, just thought there might of been a way to just bring the head along seeing as its alot less to lug around, i have a preamp out, is that the same as a line out?