Got a MIDI cable, my computer reads it, cause I can play on synthesizers through my computer and it sounds through my speakers, could it still not have a MIDI card even with all that working? Is there a way to find out? Cause, I just can't figure out how to create a MIDI file. I've used Fruity Loops XXL, Sony Acid Pro 7 and even tried Reaper.

If there's a MIDI thread, feel free to link me there. I couldn't find one, so I'm sorry if this is a double post or something. Thanks in advance.
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is your DAW recognizing your MIDI controller? are you recording into a MIDI or software instrument track? (audio tracks won't work)
1. Enable your midi device (often done in the options)
2. Select your device under midi inputs
3. Apply a synth software as an FX to the track
4. Enable monitoring
5. Have fun.