Hey guys, I want to get some strap locks for my G-400 and I was wondering if I put the lock on the tip of the horn instead of the rear right behind the neck if it will help with the neck heavyness? If anyone has tried this please let me know how it went. Another concern is that the tip of the horn might be too pointy, but I've seen them on the tips of the RGs and those are pretty pointy too so I dunno. Thanks.
as thin as the horns are you might break a chunk off. I would just put it where the strap button already is
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I don't know about that, I guess wait for someone else for that, but have you thought of putting some lead weights in the control cavity?
It's been done, and it works. Anything you do to put the forward strap attachment farther toward the head will make it less prone to diving. Tricky bit is the angle. Puts a conventional drill right against the neck when you try to drill the upper horn tip at the correct angle. Use a right-angle drill and you can do it.
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its worked for Iommi for as long as hes had an SG. I have no neck dive on mine but it also came from factory that way
It's a very common fix and is very effective. Just need to be careful at the angle that you drill into the horn.
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Here's a new strap I cam e up with that balances neck heavy guitars and basses:

Heads Up Strap

Most guitars only require using one or two of the weights.