or is it ok to keep on using them? i have 10 bent in the last 2 months...in the long run it isnt very economical.....
You need to ease up if you're bending picks. I've been playing for years and all I ever do is wear them down.
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Because I bend in such an unorthodox fashion; the notes kinda slide up and slide down...
and i am using Gibson M picks.....anyone has the same experience pls do tell
how thin are they? i use 1mm picks, never bent one. in 5 years.
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you should try some thicker, maybe smaller picks. fender, dunlop, planet waves all make good picks. try out a 1mm if you can
Ever tried an Ultex Jazz III? Impossible to bend.
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i am using Gibson M picks

That is part of your problem, I used to use them for a while and they always bent. I now use Dunlop Purple ones (I think they are 1.14) and all that happens is I wear them down. It may be something to do with your picking too.
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Damn, you bend .80's! thats a strng hand. Give the Dunlop Jazzmaster 205 a try. Great tip, slick speed, great for speed work, chugging, and shredding. I prefer the tip and feel of a Jazzmaster III over the Jazz II's any day.

Gibson M's are my preferred rythem picks however, for the slower strumming stuff.
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a little trick a friend of mine showed me was to boil a pick, he used it to straighten a finger pick so he could wear it on his index finger to switch between regular picking and finger picking without dropping it. Just boil it till its soft enough to bend or straighten how you want it. Even hot water before its to a boil could be fine, picks are pretty thin and it prob doesn't take much to soften them.

but i would agree with most others here for your particular issue, change the pick you use or ease up on how aggressive you pick. i dont know sizes but i usually like dunlop greens or fender green.
but if you just cannot deal with changing what you're used to boil up all those bent picks and immediately place them one a flat surface with something with some weight on top (also flat) and when it cools it should be good.