This is a love story, my most successful peice as far as fan base. My band has performed this at every show we do because it's everyones favorite. It's a duet with a guy and a girl. thanks for reading.

Here's a story about a simple love
A simple life that got rolled to tight
And ended up in places never meant

It started back at a high school prom
two friends that were in love
but arrived just as friends
where it stayed tell the end

And each went on to graduate
both went down their seperate ways
never told each other those three words
never got to hear those three words

10 years down the road
she saw him and he saw her
he says, your still beautiful
she says, you wanna go somewhere, away from here

he tells her about his life
how things just can't seem to go right
she tells him that somethings missing
she hasn't found love and wants to kiss him

But before she can
he takes her hand
and he says...

Stop me from jumping
catch me if i'm falling
I just need you to lean on... please
brighten up the sun
paint a couple more stars
Give me something beautiful here.. beautiful for me

5 years down the road
they got married and now everythings gold
the kids play outside
while one counts to to ten, the other one hides

What started out as just friends
has made a love that nobodys had to pretend
I can't define love any better than this
when she says...

Baby keep laughing
keep me from crying
I just need you to lean on... yeah
you've brightened up my sun
and now my skys full of stars
I hope i'm something beautiful...beautiful for you

50 years have come and passed
like they always say it goes by so fast
And the grandkids play outside
while one counts to ten, the other four hide

She looks and him, and he looks at her
and she says... you wanna go somewhere
away from here

But before he answers
he takes her hand... and he says

You stopped me from jumping
you caught me when i've fallen
I just need you to lean on... yeah
you've brightened up my sun
and now my skys full of stars
Your something beautiful, beautiful for me.