Bahaha, that video was awesome, as for encounters with the fuzz...
I was out in Melbourne on the weekend and accidentally threw up on a church in Swanson st and the cops pulled up and started yelling at me and my mate, I asked him to stop swearing and apologised for throwing up on the church and even offered to find a bucket of water and clean it up, he just got angrier (honestly wasn't being a smart arse or anything). He ended up giving us the ultimatum of getting in a taxi and going home or being locked up, we chose the first option.
He got us a taxi and when we were out of sight of the cops we told the taxi driver to take us to the strippers.
Drunkest I've been in ages. Great night.

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Are they supposed to be Australian because if they are then what a joke. True Australians don't need to be told how to eat a pie even at 3 in the morning.

They were Kiwis.
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