Bought this new from a GC two months ago (August). The Walnut Flame is now a discontinued finish (along with a few others as of last week). It's in absolutely perfect condition, wasn't even played very much. No scratches, dings, or marks of any kind. Never gigged with, never left my apt, always in a smoke-free environment, and always kept in it's case when not in use. Always cleaned/polished after each use. Sounds friggin' huge- and easily the best production model 7 string I've ever played. Because of it's pristine condition, only owning it for two months, and the fact that it's finish you can no longer order- I'd like to get $2500 (essentially that's $400-$700 off a new one) Comes with BFR case and BFR COA.

Any questions, pic/vid requests, just ask/PM.

Some outdoor shots: