I'm looking to replace the pickups of my squier (i've got some hotrails). but just as a reference whats the usual pickup output of a standard squier strat affinity?
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DC resistance in not output...it's resistance.
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Does someone that can find out the resistance of an Affinity's set of Pups even have a Squire Affinity anymore?...
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yeah i know, i want to upgrade the middle and neck, ive got my eye on 2 pickups which are around 6.7k, is that good?

Also, as a note, i didnt get a boxed squier, i got a store bought one, it never goes out of tune and sounds ok, so I must've been one of the lucky ones cus i know squiers you either get a dud or a pretty decent one...
Whats this on the resistance of pickups? It doesent really matter, unless your a tone freak, which your prolly not, what I would do is get a couple of 500k pots, and some nice pickups, and wire it all together, should sound great. If you want to keep it single coil, I would reccomend some 12 pole single pickups. When I was searching for pickups for my Squier the guy up at my local music store showed me this prewired pickguard that had some really nice singles in it, instead of 6 pole they where 12 pole. It cost about $300, so I went with the somehow cheaper EMG's.
^ agreed with the 500k pot, but isn`t every player looking for the ultimate tone (the neverending quest)

@ ben 2k9, what pups are you looking at, maybe we can offer some alternatives, personaly i switched to dimarzio after growing tired of seymour duncans i put on a les paul.


the amp and guitar are going to give you more tone than the pups maybe upgrade them 1st.
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The output on Squier pickups? Is there a number such a small amount?
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hmm, well to be honest, i was just looking on ebay for better quality pups than my squiers... I have a bit of a budget, ive heard good things about guitarfetish pickups though, ive been looking on their site as well
Pickup output only matters if you set your rig up a specific way. Even then, it's a minimal difference; it's not like a ''hot'' pickup will give you a solid wall of distortion and then you can flick to a ''low output''' pickup and get a sparkling clean tone. Generally the only difference you'll notice with most rigs is a slight drop in volume.
Output (and tone) is also severely effected by the distance between the pickups and the strings, a low output pickup close to the strings will be louder than a high output pickup that is a further 2mm apart.

Also, the standard Squier pickups are actually fairly high output ceramic bar magnet pickups. They are comparable to a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat in terms of their sheer output.

Be aware too that your pickups have nowhere near as much of an effect on your tone as your amp does, or even the body and neck woods of your guitar. Pickups are really for 'tweaking' your tone once you've already gotten it in the rough ballpark of what you want.
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