What are the differences between a Floyd Rose and a Fender tremolo bridge (modern and/or vintage)? Can a Floyd Rose hit lower notes? What is the tonal difference when the tremolo bar is not being used?

A floyd rose will hit much higher and lower notes and will keep the guitar in tune, Van Halen style dive bombs on a fender's tremelo will most probaly put it horribly out of tune.
It can hit a lot lower notes and also keeps in tune better as far as I'm aware.

EDIT: "better" doesn't mean that Fender trem can't keep in tune. I used to be able to do whatever I wanted but for some reason nowadays my tremolo seems to ruin my tuning...
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If you are just going to be doing slight vibratos with the trem, a Fender style should be fine though I would get a set of locking tuners, a graphite nut, and maybe even some roller string trees if I were you. If you really plan to beat on the thing though, get a double locker like a Floyd.

Personally, if I was going to do any tremolo anything I'd want a Floyd but that's just me.
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Floyds are alot more of a pain to set up, they have better tuning stability, they have a wider range, and they look alot different and are installed a bit differently.

Basically, everything about a floyd is different from a fender.

If you want slight vibrato, get a fender or (if you use it alot) a bigsby. If you want to be like EvH and Dime then you'll need a floyd.