Because i'm tired of my strings snapping when I downtune I recently bought a set of Ernie Ball 'Skinny Top Heavy Bottom' strings. Sounded good, but im a little concerned about the bottom gauges. The bottom string of the set is a gauge .52, wheras Ive previously played with .42s and .46s at the bottom. Im going to be putting them on an Ibanez RG321, and so I just want to know whether I can fit these strings on without issue. Will I need to get the guitar set up? And will .52s sound okay in standard?

Apologies if its a stupid question.
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Well, provided you're downtuning with the 52 you should be relatively fine. You'll need to adjust your intonation, and maybe change your action a little bit to eliminate any fret buzz. You'll need a 1.5mm hex key to adjust saddle action on an Ibanez fixed bridge.
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