I am looking for the perfect sounds on my amp, and i already have found one (thats a keeper!)! but i am stilll on my journy to perfect tone. i need a nice clean tone
the one used in the video: guns n roses - paradise city full song! (look it up in youtube)
the intro to the song has like an amazing tone. i know he uses chorus, but wat equalizer settings??? (bass mid treble reverb)

next, the long awated SLASH CRUNCHY TONE! i already looked on the ultimate guitar settings thread, i tried it out and it was no good. ill explain the buttons on my amp (line 6 spider 112)
AMP MODELS : clean twang blues crunch recto insane
Drive (gain)
Chanle Volume
chorus flange tremolo
delay tape-ego ping-pong

well thats a mouth full. and if someone got the perfect kirk hammet master of puppets settings, please conclude.
Settings thread dude.

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I'm guessing you have a Line 6 Spider...
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not gonna happen with that amp dude, sorry
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not gonna happen with that amp dude, sorry

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