Drummers of the pit, i would like to know if you are a self taught drummer or do you take lessons?. Also what are the pros and cons of being self taught and taking lessons.
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*Reported* joke

Guitarists rule this neighborhood homie

Whats wrong with a drumming thread?
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Everything *mwahahaha*

You need more information to support your case.
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Shh. Someone will come and help.. I'm just playing

I do believe nobody is coming to help you.
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To help you. Obviously no one wants to.

Obviously their are way too many guitar people here.
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Obviously, it is a guitar forum after all

why cant drummers and guitarists just get along?
Obviously if this thread get's closed, you two are both a certain troll whose name starts and ends with S. is to blame. I don't see why we can't have a sensible drumming thread... And I'd love to contribute, but I don't play drums myself.. Hahaha... Err...
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oh you guys.. So, TS. Deathdrummer; what's your style? Are you more akin to the snare or the toms as a drummer?