I'm thinkin Peavy or Marshall but I want to get my bf something special for his guitar. He likes distortion and wah effects, does a bunch of Van Halen-like solos, and he likes it loud. Which amp is best for that??

I can only spend close to $300, so the Van Halen ones are out lol.

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Well, if he is an Eddie Van Halen fan, Eddie has his own musical instrument company that makes the exact same amplifier he uses - the EVH 5150 III. It has three channels, plenty of Van Halen-esque distortion, and it is very loud. That amp would probably suit him, although it is a rather expensive amplifier. As for the wah effect, Jim Dunlop makes an EVH wah pedal (the EVH95).
I'm not too sure on what to adivise, but what's the £££ you're limiting yourself to?
I second the EVH 5150 III + EVH wah, if you have the money for that.
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