Dunlop 535Q.

I recommend it to everybody regardless of genre. Its very versatile. I've owned at least 8 other wahs...and the 535 is the one that has stuck around.
The Ultimate Wah Thread is like dead anyway so it's fine to ask here. Well since you haven't given us any information apart from budget, RMC3? I think you might be able to get it within your budget.
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try the dunlop kh95, i sold my zw wah and my cfh wah after getting mine
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Try a Willson Rippah Q Wah or an Area 51 wah. Both are custom made and excellent for the money.
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Dunlop 535Q for a good all round wah.

Though it would be useful for us to know what sort of genre/bands you want to sound like.
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