Hi there recently my amp has been making this really odd noise. At first it used to do it on random notes across the fretboard which i thought was very strange but now its starting to do it when its idle aswell. It's hard to describe the sound, it's really low sounding and i can hear the tubes rattling when it does it aswell, it's like a rumbling earthquakey sound (lol). The amp still works fine and as far as i know it doesn't produce this noise when the amp is louder. It seems to be when i'm practicing at home. If you require a sound clip i will provide one if it will help.

I hope someone can help me with this, it's starting to bug me! The amp is a Randall RG50 TC combo.


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  • Washburn X200 PRO E
  • Squier Strat (in bits LOL)
  • Line 6 Toneport ux1
Assuming there isn't any nearby electrical interference, like flourescent lights and such (although that's usually a buzz or hum) it's almost certainly bad tubes.