terrible translation
step 1: google some song lyrics
step 2: copy the lyrics
step 3: paste it into the box on the link above
step 4: translate
step 5: copy badly translated lyrics
step 6: post!

example: chop suey!
Brush Wake Up (wake up) and be serious to hide some scars fade (fade scars reorganization reorganization) Skin whyd leave the keys in the table who wanted to create another brush fairy serious and put some 'make-up, to change the scars to fade You were whyd leave the keys on the table if I believe in myself right suicide I cry when angels die (die) Wake Up (wake up) and brush to hide go to hide the scars fade reorganization of reflection (re scars fade) Skin whyd leave the keys in the table who wanted to create another fairy serious brush and a little trick you want to hide the scars of whyd wanted to rearrange the keys on the table, trust me only suicide I cry When Angels Die in myself just go , cry, when angels father father father father Father into your hands I earn Commendation deserves death, my father's spirit in his hands, so - left in your eyes left in your thoughts in your heart left abandoned ohh
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


Alex (mcfreaki)
Firewind - Head Up High

You're a dreamer and live in a world full of lies, a sinner, I never realize that the behavior of the system is very misleading and wrong will always be, certainly in control? Time and change many things at this time to do it yourself, you never, never lose pride to know who you are, keep your head when believers not only to swim with the tide Achiever is not ready to win, but the game, you have to burn in the fire smile and a Wake Up Dead, you are always to be higher at every step must never lose the pride of knowing who you are, ;Keep Your Head Up
"Fly with me forever high
And with these wings
We'll set the world on fire
Fly with me through scorching skies
You and I - The lie of lies"

-Symphony X
Edema fluid is ready to blow the load of my lymph nodes are included in the desire of silence for the funeral of one month from the grave and fell to the ground, turned toward me, yellow for the walls to rot your flight ****ing Dick filled my semen is bleeding smell of rotten body cavity flows stench was unbearable as I said his blood cum I buried my erection I feel it start in the throat, difficulty swallowing, empty eyes, the vitreous humor and dug up to play a fat ass naked, I broke tounguing full of life my wife and liquid mutilate girls' murder gently kiss her body exceptional she thought, I'm normal, but I wanted more blood, I went on the calendar for choking snot gushing blood clot gel leaks from the mouth of bloody buried in shallow unmarked no serious illness, I found my biggest thrill in my life for the crimes that my tail with the knife violence, climax Serging serum on my skin Back from the Dead raised up to jump, rotting left socket

look up gallows pole by led zep on this site, hilarious how wrong the lyrics are
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
didn't bother translating a text but, I got you this:

Step 1: of Google a few words
Step 2: Copy the text
Step 3: Compile a link to
Step 4: Translate
Step 5: Copy the text incorrectly translated
Step 6: Mail!

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