I believe that the FR1000 is a licensed version of the Original Floyd Rose unit, and it is made in Korea. I've heard that it is one of the models used on some import guitars. There are minor design differences between the two. I would imagine that the OFR made in Germany has a higher grade of metallurgy and perhaps closer tolerances between the parts than the licensed copy.
If the heat treat on the metal isn't up to par, or if the alloy is too soft, then it would wear faster on the contact points. Of course, we're talking about a guitar tremolo here - not a set of heavy duty machine bearings or a knife blade that will be subjected to frequent use and resharpening. There are contact points on the FR design, but unless the metallurgy on the unit was astonishingly bad, I can't believe that you would wear it out anytime soon. I doubt that it will be of the same quality as the Schaller-made Floyd Rose unit, but then again, it will likely prove entirely satisfactory.
First of all I know nothing of the FR1000, but I do know that crappy FRs are a huge pain in the ass...
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i've heard it's the same thing as the OFR, but made in korea.
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