I finally have my amp sounding pretty damn tough.
im running guitar to bad monkey to Dan eq to amp..nothing in the loop yet.
sounds tough and tight.
only problem is the feedback when i stop playing. maybe im boosting the front end too much?
sh-6 >bad monkey >eq...

the eq is only adding a bit of mid and a tough of drive..the od is full level 12:00 on bass and treble and 0 gain.

what gives!?
I know that the number of knobs and dials doesn't determine how good a pedal is, but the ISP decimator (as far as I know) has one control on it when there are actually several factors to noise gating/suppression.
I'm just wondering what makes it the best one around, because I always hear people recommending it.
Noise gates are rather simple pedals...you really just need one knob to adjust the threshold The higher the threshold, the more the pedal cuts out. You want to find the sweet spot for your gear. If you have it too high...it will cut out too much and you will loose your sound, sustain, etc. If its too low...you will still have the feedback. The ISP is the best noise gate I've ever owned/played...but the BOSS NS-2 and MXR smart gate are cheaper alternatives...
If it's a high pitched, squealy feedback you might have a microphonic pickup.

Will the amp up nice and loud, yell right at the pickup (yeah, it sounds odd, but it's one way to check!). If you hear it through the amp, that pickup has gone microphonic.

Replace or repot.