Alright Im headed to the gym in a bit and I always listen to the same songs when Im working out often August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Throwdown and stuff like that, what does the Pit listen to when working out?
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exercise, now theres something i havent done for a few years.
I usually don't listen to music because the CD player in the room that I work out in is dodgy. Though i've learnt it's not a good idea for me to listen to Rufus Wainwright when excercising, because I always start singing along, and trying to hit those kind of notes when out of breath is pretty stupid.
although its not my taste, i find the kinda dance music they play in gyms is good, if i play 'tallica ill end up listening to it instead of concentrating on the workout, so really you want something that'l help with the pump but not distract you.
SYL. If by working out you mean walking in a rage and trying to avoid being given leaflets inviting you to some crappy club.
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every known version of cotton-eyed joe.

congratulations, it is now stuck in your head as well.
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Rocky Soundtrack?

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The DNA results show that Jeremy Kyle is a nob.

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I want to look at your sexual naked body.
High energy stuff like 70s AC/DC and Zeppelin
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Never use the word "hunky" ever again.



Now what?
I like music with a lot of balls in it when I work out. Something manly.
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Older Metallica (Kill'em All, Master of Puppets)
Bullet For My Valentine
Basically anything that gets my adrenaline going.
If You Lie Like The Devil Himself,
No Angels Gonna Hear Your Cry For Help.
hardstyle at about 154 bpm is perfect workout music.
from daylight...
...into darkness
threat signal! perfect workout tunes. get the album "under reprisal" and just play it. gets you pumped right up
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Necrophagist, Symphony X, and Arsis usually. All of which is really technical and fast; it really gets me pumped.
Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at

Used to be metalcore stuff, now it's mostly pop punkish stuff. Like Title Fight, Fireworks, Four Year Strong, etc
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Whenever I run I usually listen to a mix or random stuff from Coheed, Rise Against, Muse, etc. One song that is always a constant on my running playlist is Transatlanticism by Death Cab. Oddly enough, it fits quite well.
I don't really work out nowadays - I should get back into it - but it's always been stuff like "Kashmir" for me. It's all about powerful drums, man.
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exercise, now theres something i havent done for a few years.

hence the fat piggie as ur avatar

Chevelle, a7x, Def Leppard, (idk y, just do) Rodney Atkins, Atreyu, manymany more...
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Strapping Young Lad, Death, Soilwork, Atheist, Led Zep
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