Alot is personal preference, but the one's I've played have been at least as good if not better than an average MIM strat, out of the box.

But MIM strats tend to be hit and miss, some being great, some being "meh". I absolutely love the one I have.

Your best bet would be to try both, and see what you like.
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Well my GC doesnt carry G&L, iwas looking at the musiciansfriend, i just wanted to know whats so different if there is any
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I personally think the G and L is a bit nicer. Ash body, dual fulcrum tremolo, 22 frets, transparent finish on the Legacy are better features than MIM IMO.
G & L guitars are right up there with MIA fenders. i've played a couple and they are great, and this is from a guy who is a commited MIA fender man.
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G&Ls are nice! my friend has a legacy from several years ago and until he butchered it (tried to rout it himself ) it sounded and played really nice. go with the G&L if you're choosing between that and a MIM strat.

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