hey there, thanks for checking out my post!

i'm looking for like-minded musicians who are interested in some casual jamming- i would like to focus on playing Metallica songs and other rock and/or metal songs, but i'm also a very open-minded person who enjoys many different genres of music, so i'm always open to suggestions. other bands i enjoy include Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Theory of a Deadman and Linkin Park. i'm looking for anyone who plays guitar, bass or drums- the ultimate goal here would be to form a complete band, but whatever could be assembled to get going would be great!

i would like to start this off as a casual thing for now, but i would love to turn it into something serious along the way, playing gigs eventually- but no pressure- i just want to try something out and see where it goes from there.

i play mainly rhythm/lead guitar (almost 15 years) and i also play some bass and drums as well. i'm not quite as good at bass or drums but i've always wanted to learn both a bit more, especially drums. i don't have a lot of gear, just a couple of basic amps, a few guitars, and pedals.

i live in Cowie Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and i don't have a vehicle or a jam space available, but these are things that i would like to figure out provided i can find some people who are serious about meeting on a regular basis to jam- i can provide gas money for transporting gear, and renting out a jam room is something i would definitely like to do if others express interest in it as well.

on a more serious note, i'm looking for people who have a solid interest in getting something together here- so it would be preferable if you have (or can make) the time to meet up, and if things go well, to meet regularly.

anyways that's it in a nutshell. if you have any interest in trying this out or if you have any questions please send me a message.

thanks for your time!
Hey man, that sounds pretty cool, I live in Halifax like Metallica and have been playing guitar for a few years. I've been jamming with a couple guys for a while but our schedules conflict with each other too much. I work two jobs at the moment but usually have one day a week that I don't work or a few where I don't work evenings. Unfortunatly I live in central Halifax (Connaught Ave) and don't have transportation other than the bus. But if you got yourself to my place I do have a pretty big house with some degree of jam space and a couple of my roommates play drums. We may even have an actually factual drum set some time in the near future.