I have an Ibanez rg7321 that I've had for 2 years and it has never intonated properly on the low b string. The top 6 strings intonate and tune perfectly but for some reason the b just wont i get it just right with the 12th fret harmonic/fretted note method and the 24th fret even but when i play the 5th fret to e it's just way off, the note on the b sounds way sharp but reads flat.

I've searched google already on and off for the past week or so.. this time, i checked sevenstring.org, youtube, searched here and nothing. Maybe someone here will know.
^ this is true, especially as you will probably never need to play the B above the 12th fret anyway.

Also, using a heavier guage of string may help intonate more easily, the ones they sell you in the dedicated 7 string packs are way too light in my opinion
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Alright, thanks for the tips I'll try picking up a heavier string to use for the b next time but the problem is that the tunings all screwy around 5th, I just cant figure out why that would be.