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'Dragon Attack' By Yaris
1 6%
'We are the Champions' by MockJr
2 12%
'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Iconoclast816
7 41%
'We will rock you' by Dewparijat
7 41%
Voters: 17.
Hello there, sorry to the entrants for the delay... work is killing me!

Anyway, i thought it would be fun if UG members could vote on their favourite cover... after a week or two, we could get the gist of who is the winner.

'Judges', please post comments on how the entrants could improve and be positive!

https://dl.getdropbox.com/u/69431/Dragon%20Attack.mp3 (Dragon Attack by Yaris)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bkuob-vf0Y (We are the champions by MockJr)

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/iconoclast816/ (Bohemian Rhapsody by Iconoclast816)

http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/overdrivensounds/ (We will rock you by dewparijat)

Polls will close on Monday 9th November (20 days from now)
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I see some people have voted. Votes without comments shouldn't count. I was looking for a critique, not a possibly skewed result. I really don't care much about winning, but I am looking forward to comments.
Don't mean to be such a little bitch...
Haha, ok... i'll give some comments to each of the entries, and try not to be overly biased towards one act.

Dragon attack -
Yaris, i see you have replicated brian may's tone very well. I like the harmonies you have used on the some of the guitar bits, and the solos. Of course, you didn't have much time to finish this off, but I think you've done a very good job covering this not so well known queen song.

We are the champions -
Very nice playing, note perfect in my opinion. I'm not keen on the tone, but at least you are not trying to copy brian may - you are adding your own unique style to the song. I like your style of vibrato very much, and think you could have a crack at some much harder songs (try show must go on solo) And you are right, the solo bits at the end are cool!

Bohemian Rhapsody -
Now this is a very hard song to cover... not only have you sung the vocal melody, you have arranged all the guitar parts to the actual song. I was surprised when I heard what you did with the opera break. To be honest, i wasn't expecting much from an acoustic player (i'm not a fan tbh), but you have surprised me. Thank you!

We will rock you -
When i heard you were going to cover this, i thought you were just going to do a solo like everyone else. But you have rearranged the song to suit your own style (i like the sitar at the start by the way). You said you recorded your vocals quietly, perhaps open up a bit and sing louder. Good arrangement nonetheless, and good guitar work.

Hope this is enough crit for all of you
Bohemian Rhapsody was superb, the harmonies were almost perfect.
Dragon Attack could have done with a liitle more work, still, a good job on the guitar playing.....
We are the champions was, in my opinion, the weakest.... it sounded like the dude was jamming to a backing track (actually, he really WAS jamming)
But the best track for me was We will rock you.... I had low expectations because the simplistic original was already an overplayed song.... but what a surprise! A whole new arrangement, a cool intro and a 'modern rock'-ish guitar solo.... the vocals were not that good, but they didn't harm the song in any way....
So, my vote goes to we will rock you...
Thanks for the comments. Ank...I agree, my tone is awful in that video. I think i can chalk that up to a crappy webcam.

Hey what's wrong with jamming?
Nothing's wrong with jamming..... I just wanted to say that you were just playing over the original song, something i have seen in a thousand covers in youtube..... the others had something different in their covers.....
btw, i am not saying that you were bad, it's just that the others were better....
please don't mind.... i was just giving my opinion.....
Thank you sexy.varsha! I am pleased that someone liked it.
I just heard Dragon Attack. Yaris has done a awesome job.
This is going to be a close one. May the best win!
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Well thanks guys for the positive comments, I'm really glad to hear them
I think Bohemian Rhapsody is by and far the best its also my fav queen song the others were good as well but Bohemian Rhapsody gets my vote!
It's always hard to do a great Bohemian Rhapsody cover, but this one was really amazing. I liked We Will Rock You, too, but in my eyes, a great acoustic song is always better then a great electric song
dragon attack: good solid groove, nice harmonies, and a mayesque attack. the open structure sounds too empty to my ears but i happen to be a fan of dense arrangements.

We are the champions: the actual playing was good and pretty close to the original, however the poor recording quality was a pain to listen to. (my recordings are pretty rough too, but a line in from a crappy amp can sound much better than a crappy webcam mic, plus the backing track would be more prominent.)

bohemian rhapsody: a faithful rendition of the piano line, i was stunned. the vocals were solid, and the harmonies very tight. the vocals could have used a bit more energy though, and i think the part at 3:48 would have benefited from a gain boost.

we will rock you: original. the intro with the sitar as a nice touch and the solo really fit the song. the drum line was a bit wierd to me since it was about as full as the live version but the guitar riff was as sparse as the album. the vocals could have been better, but you sang in key, which for the life of me i cant do.

so to all of you i commend your efforts and apologize if the tone of this post is pompous, i am reading pride and prejudice and zombie and ms austen will do that.

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