i have been playing about a year now and have decided to upgrade my kit. I am either going to get a line 6 spider IV 15, zoom g1x or get a decent guitar for around £200.

I mostly play rock and some metal.
What have you got now? I'd be looking at a decent amp, maybe a vox vt15, but It depends on what guitar you have now. I wouldn't waste money on Multi FX, especially if you're gonna get a modelling amp
at the moment i have a squire affinity strat and a fender frontman 15g.
I'd look into an amp first...maybe the Peavey Vypyr. You'll have the built in effects...then you can save/sell the frontman to buy a better guitar.
how? also if you are commenting on this post i would prefer it if you actually gave some advice and didnt just look out for people who have made a mistake
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I would say amp too. A Vox VT, Vypyr, Roland cube, or something like that. Go try them if possible!
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+1 on buying an amp first. it'll make the biggest impact. and don't go for the line 6, it may sound good to you now, but you will regret it later.
What effects are there on the peavey? because it dosnt say on the website.
None. Unless you count reverb.
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for metal?

Buy a peavey Vypyr and get saving for a mesa

Classic 30 can get pretty heavy cranked.

Anyways, if you must buy an amp now, go for a Peavey Vyper
Peavey Vyper= lots of effects
Peavey Classic 30= just reverb.

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