I like checking out the different guitars in Pawn Shops because the price of an average guitar and amp at a pawn shop is round 200-250. But it seems every one that I go in has placards posted... DO NOT TOUCH! How can you try before you buy if they don't want you touching the hardware? How do you approach this? Do you just take it down and try it anyway? Do I have to pry the store owner away from his current dealing to try out 3-4 different guitars?

I normally buy cues from Pawn Shops and have never seen a sign on them saying THIS MEANS YOU!!... ME?... WTH did I do? I just wanted to strum this instrument.

Just tell him your interested in the guitars, and wondered if you could try a few.
He won't mind.

I think it's one of those signs aimed at people who walk around stroking things andd flicking objects in shops out of boredom, (people do it.. it's not just retards).
He'll let you have a go easilyy, ahaha.
this has never happened to me whoever is selling it is either stupid or there is something bad wrong with it he doesnt want people to find out before they buy it, OR people have come in that dont know how to handle a guitar or play it and it pisses the guy off so if i were you i would ask him if you could try it out and see if you like it, every pawn shop iv ever been in has encouraged me to try the guitars out.
I'd just let him know that I was gonna try it out, then go try it out. What's the worst that'll happen? He'll spaz and tell you to put it back? Then you can spend your cash somewhere else and it's his loss.
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they usually keep the good stuff behind the counter, so if you want to try one of those out you'll have to ask them anyway
Tell him/her that you want to try a few out and if he/she gets an attitude, tell him/her to go **** himself/herself and that you will take your money else where.
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Just don't touch the sign, and all will be sweet.

But in all seriousness, I agree with Chasing Shadows. It's probably just to deter those who like to fiddle with things.
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This is a thread, seriously?

Just ask the people who work at the shop...
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Just let the storekeeper know you want to try it....