ok here is my question. i wanna get a decent electric/acoustic guitar and some pedals to go with it. my question is, is there a difference in regular guitar pedals and acoustic guitar pedals? and, is there a difference in acoustic amps and regular electric amps? this is one subject i know nothing about so any advice willl help.
the answer is basicly yes and no. for amps, there are acoustic amps that are more aimed at reproducing the sound of an acoustic. i would guess they would be more transparent, and a lot of people end up going straight to the PA. however i have seen people use electric amps to good result, so its not like you cant.

as for pedals, there are some more made for acoustic (acoustic X-citer comes to mind). however, you should be fine using any standard guitar pedal for the most part, and ive seen that done too. since acoustics often have a wider tonal range you might lose some of that, but it really depends on the pedal.