Hi folks, can anyone recommend a good external sound card? I've read all the reviews but can't make a decision as all have their faults.

I only have room for a pci-e low profile sound card and have limited choice so opting for the external route.

Looking to spend about £60-100 if I have to.

Please help me
I have an M-Audio Fasttrack USB. Sost about 50 quid. If you want go for the pro one, it's about £80 - £100 I think. Higher bitrate for recording, and has two instrument inputs.
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100 GBP <=> 164 USD

Presonus Audiobox has it all. Mic/guitar cable hybrid inputs and high qualit mic preamps.

If you have a brother/friend you wan't to play with, this is the thing absolutely. Or if you just like quality.
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