I was toing around whith my zoom and yust found out that i can chang the sound of my guitar up and down (pitch) and i was wondering if there is an efect on zoom or as a pedal that i could change my guitar to droped D , open D , .... other tunighs whitout changing the tension on my strings . I saw that on a fender guitar ocen , but not shure witch one .

And why there is not a group for zoom pedals and would this be usefull , like whriting dow your settings and stuff
There isn't a pedal that will do Drop D or open D...but the morpheus drop tune will allow you to detune standardly without tuning your guitar (Eb standard, D standard, etc.) There isn't a Zoom group because not a lot of people have them ...and those that do, usually upgrade fairly quickly. But, hey, feel free to start one
The Zoom G1 has a great Harmoniser for such a cheap unit. I'll probably keep it around for that and as a backup.
i think the delays pretty good on it and the harmonizer is, also theres the tuner so its worth keeping

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