I'm debating on whether to go to Salvation Army or Goodwill. See I wanna get a cheap guitar and these are the only two thrift stores around. Can anyone tell me which one I'll have more luck at?

Much appreciated.
Just try both. Each of them has a pretty low chance of having one, though.
Call me Wes.
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the salvation army near me has had guitars more often than the goodwill.. but those are the ones near me..

just go to both. theres bound to be pawn shops around, too, that you could check out
I went to both and got STUFF!

Specifically, I got a gretsch! only $65! The pickups are missing and it needs a new switch. But I finally have a gretsch!

Edit: I went to Salvation Army. Goodwill did have some of those $0.01 guitars you find on ebay though and they had a Frankencaster.
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This thread demands pictures, so get on it!
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No. No pics. It wasn't a Gretsch. It was a Gretsh. A cheap, cheap knockoff. I figured it out when I was walking through a doorway and it hit the doorknob.

It has a huge hole in it. Screw it, it's gonna be firewood.